Woman sues hotel for $1 million after falling off bar stool

By Morgan Cox,

After falling off of a bar stool in the public lounge at Syracuse's Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York, Ohio resident Antoinette Allison is seeking to sue the hotel for up to $1 million for injuries resulting from the fall from the bar stool, which the woman claimed was too high.

Allison apparently landed on her wrist after the fall, which caused multiple fractures that required surgery. According to Yahoo! News, the incident happened in Syracuse, New York in April 2011.

Syracuse.com reported that the Ohio woman fell off the stool while waiting for her food. Allison's lawsuit claims that the bar stool was too high off the ground and that the hotel management was aware of the problems with the stool.

"Said bar stools were more dangerous than patrons would expect and safer designs are on the marketplace," wrote Allison's lawyer, Mark Ventrone, in the complaint, which was filed back in July 2012.

The lawsuit is now moving on to court and a preliminary conference has been scheduled.



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