Wu-Tang affiliate Andre Johnson seems to be doing better, suicide attempt not related to drug use

By Julianne Mosher,

Christbearer, aka Andre Johnson, posted a message to his Facebook page just a day after his bizarre attempted suicide.

On Wednesday, Johnson cut off his penis and jumped from a two-floor apartment building in California in a failed suicide attempt.

However according to Supreme, a good friend of the rapper, he says that drug abuse was not a factor in the attempt and he personally never saw any signs of mental illness.

He told TMZ that he never saw him do hard drugs just cigarettes, alcohol and sometimes a little bit of marijuana.

The rapper also told TMZ that he visited Johnson in the hospital and now we need to “let the brother heal.”

For his fans, Johnson took to Facebook on Thursday while still in the hospital to post, “Peace – feeling blessed” on his Timeline.

Comments from friends and fans were encouraging and hopeful for the hip-hop star.



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