WWE star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin lends his voice to marriage equality cause in expletive-filled outburst

By Gina DiFalco,

WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is showing his support for marriage equality. He took a passionate stance against opponents to same-sex marriage on his weekly podcast The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed! last year, which is just becoming public now.

Austin went on an expletive-filled rant on the podcast, showing his unwavering support for the gay community, the Huffington Post reports.

"I'm for same-sex marriage," he said. "I don't give a s--t if two guys, two gals, guy-gay, whatever it is ... I believe that any human being in America or any human being in the G-d damn world that wants to be married [should be]. If it's the same sex, then more power to 'em."

His statements were reported on wrestling blog Wrestlinginc.

Austin mostly called out religious groups who were opposed to gay marriage rights, asking why it’s OK for God to accept a criminal but not homosexual couples.

“OK, so two cats can't get married if they want to get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest five kids, then go to f--king prison, and accept God and He's going to let him into heaven? After the fact that he did all that sh-t? See that's all horsesh-t to me, that don't jive with me."



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