10 Celebrities that have dissed Justin Bieber

By Lauren Wheeler,

Dissing Justin Bieber seems to be the cool thing to do in Hollywood these days. From mocking his bad behavior to his looks, Biebz has it pretty hard from his fellow celebs.

Most recently, it’s Seth Rogen.

If you aren’t familiar with Bieber, I’ll catch you up on his history. He had a rise to fame through YouTube. After posting online videos, Usher discovered him and helped to shape his career. He released songs such as ”Baby” and won the hearts of tweens around the world. Then, as his fame increased, so did his bad behavior. The worse he acted, the harsher the celebrity attacks.

If we’re speaking candidly, Bieber isn’t exactly the most innocent in these verbal (and online) attacks. The 20-year-old has had a rough few months. He was arrested for drag racing and drinking in Miami in January. He was detained at LAX after returning from Asia in April. And, he lost his monkey to the Germans. He also egged his neighbors’ house. All of that is prime comedy material. It is great for mocking the pop star.

There have been more than 10 celebrities talk about the singer. Some have shown support but most have either mocked him or given him stern advice. While people have been supportive, it’s the beef between celebrities that get the most attention.

Here are 10 celebrities who have dissed Bieber.



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