11-year-old Oklahoma boy shoots grandmother in head after argument

By Michelle Kapusta,

A grandmother in Tulsa, Oklahoma said her 11-year-old grandson shot her in the back of her head after the two had an argument.

News On 6 reported that Annie Mougell-Walker said she and her grandson had an argument and later the boy shot her.

"He got in trouble today at school, so when I got home I was gonna talk to him furthermore about it," she said. "Before I could talk to him all I saw was a big bang of a flash and heard it and I knew I was shot in the back of my head."

Officer Jillian Roberson told the New York Daily News that the child retrieved a .22-caliber gun from his grandmother's bedroom and shot her.

Mougell-Walker was able to call 911 after the bullet struck her and emergency responders transported her to a local hospital.

She has since been released, but and remains in a neck brace with the bullet still lodged in her head.

Her grandson was taken into custody and charged with shooting with intent to kill.


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