16 yr. old kid loses 200 pounds to break family history

By Amanda Stewart,

Everyone in Edgar Hernandez’s family has struggled with their weight, but Edgar stepped forward and made a change in his life.

According to The Utah People Post, the Hernandez family has always struggled with their weight, but Edgar’s case was of growing concern.

The news of Edgar being pre-diabetic came two years ago when Edgar was 16. It was devastating to his mother. His older brother Mario said that Edgar was not living a healthy lifestyle, according to American Live Wire.

Hernandez was 370 pounds and could barely even stand to look at himself. His obesity led to depression and he was often bullied at school because of his weight. “I tried my best to ignore it. But there were times when I just gave in and started crying,” said Edgar.

After his blood test results came back Edgar realized it was time for change. He didn’t want to blame anyone else for what was happening to him.

Edgar started with a jog. Then he began to walk and extended his distance as he walked each day before or after school. Eventually he was able to walk two miles. Once he was able to walk two miles he began incorporating running intervals until he was able to consistently run a full mile each day.

Two years later, Edgar has lost nearly 200 pounds and now weighs 185. He has even competed in a half-marathon. Edgar has not only impacted his health, but has also gotten his brother Mario to join the fitness regime each day.



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