'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the First Degree'

By May Chan,
Max graduates from high school in the season finale

When Caroline prefaces that she has a surprise for Max, Max's first guess is Oprah showing up, but her best friend enthusiastically tells Max about her pastry school diploma.

Max's second guess? She'll even take Gale as her surprise.

Because the pastry school closed down, Caroline got Oleg to help fake a diploma for Max. However, Max does not appreciate the framed fake diploma, so she throws it in the trash.

In the apartment, Caroline relays her discovery of Max's reason she didn't graduate from high school: she missed a history final.

Max, surprised that her high school still stands, guesses she didn't throw that cigarette far enough.

If Max passes her history final this week, her principal, Mr. Huck, is willing to allow Max to graduate. With this great news, Sophie interrupts the ladies at their apartment.

Sophie advises Max to get her degree because Sophie never got her degree at the school for the deaf even though she's not deaf.

Caroline finally convinces Max to go to Rhode Island to revisit her old high school on the condition that Mr. Huck thinks she won't come.

At the diner, Caroline has already told the employees, like Earl and Han, about Max's second chance. Firstly, Max would like to apologize to Earl on behalf of all white people. Earl accepts the apology excluding the part about slavery and the Gap.

Han tries to bring his history book from his citizenship test to help Max, yet Max shoots Han down claiming it's not European history.

Caroline makes Oleg quiz Max every time there's an order she has to take to a table. Of course, Oleg asks a sexually charged question.

After correcting Oleg that she means her own flash cards, Caroline receives some looks for her color coded flash card system.

Oleg asks a question about women's right to vote after an amendment. “Women have the right to vote?” the cook asks. “So when you say women can vote...you mean for besides American Idol?”

As Caroline quizzes Max on the bus to Rhode Island, a question reminds Caroline she needs to use the restroom. Inquiring minds want to know why Caroline just won't use the restroom on the bus, but Caroline is adamant that she will use the public bus, she will use public restrooms, but she will not use public restrooms in the public bus.

Caroline gives in to using the restroom. However, maybe it's not a good idea when the bus suddenly stops and Caroline falls out of the restroom.

Max and Caroline walk through Max's old high school hallways before Mr. Huck greets Max. Is the principal surprised Max showed up? Nope, he's surprised she's even alive!

During the make-up test, another delinquent named Hector joins Max in taking the exam. Only Hector isn't as bright as Max and even gets the question Max said aloud incorrect.

When Max passes her test, she even surprises Mr. Huck, who went over it three times just to reassure he wasn't going insane.

Mr. Huck invites Max to walk during graduation, and Max surprisingly accepts the invitation. Max just has to stay overnight at a dingy motel with Caroline. There, Caroline persuades Max to call her mother to invite her to graduation, but Max reluctantly does so as Caroline hands over the dialed phone to her friend.

Despite Max's celebratory occasion, will Max's mother show up to her daughter's big day?

2 Broke Girls returns in the fall on CBS.



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