'24: Live Another Day' 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

We open with Jack in agent Morgan’s custody. The marines do right over Kate’s head, though, and take Jack away from her. The marines can’t find the flight key. Kate has it in her possession, but lies that it may be lost in the debris after the marines blew the door open. As Kate walks away, she tells Chloe, through Jack’s ear piece, that she has the flight key.

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com

Kate tells Ritter that she believes everything Jack has said so far, and that what he’s doing is for a reason. While in the car heading back to the CIA station, Chloe walks Kate through resuming the upload. When it’s done, Cross spots the override code hidden in the data. Chloe screen caps the override code so Kate can forward it to the CIA. Jordan calls over Navarro, and assures him that Tanner’s drone was hijacked.

Navarro gets President Heller on the line, and has Kate talk to him about what she just found. Kate tells the President what we all knew all along: Jack was right (which he usually is). Kate advises the President to take immediate action. When General Coburn orders the drones to be grounded, Margot sees that the ten she was about to take control over are changing course. She orders Naveed to start the override. Margot is able to gain control of only six, but once those six disappear from the radar, Heller realizes potentially what is to come. The President wants to speak to Jack, and is told by Boudreau that Jack is already on his way in.

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