24-year-old cat named world’s oldest feline

By Michelle Kapusta,

At 24 years of age, a cat named Poppy was bestowed the title of the world’s oldest-living feline.

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially recognized Poppy as the oldest-living cat.

The female feline was born in February 1990 and claimed the crown after a 23-year-old Kansas cat passed away last year.

NBC News reported that the cat’s owner, Jacqui West, said that Poppy likes to splurge sometimes and enjoys KFC chicken, kebabs and fish and chips as occasional treats.

“Poppy is definitely the top cat and she is still quite feisty. If one of the other cats tries to eat her food she will bite them on the ear,” West said.

The world’s oldest cat resides in Bournemouth, England with West, her husband, Andy and their two sons. Poppy is actually the equivalent of 114 in people years.

Unfortunately at this stage in her life she is now blind and deaf, but still hasn’t burned through all nine lives and that is why she has been recognized.



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