34-year-old woman posed as teenager to attend Texas high school

By Kyle Johnson,

Police discovered a 34-year-old woman in Longview, Texas was posing as a teenager in order to attend a high school after being called to an apartment where she was staying.

The woman with whom Charity Johnson was living with called police on Tuesday as she wanted her out, but they soon realized they had stumbled upon something more after investigating the name, Charity Stevens, she gave to police, reports The Associated Press.

Longview Police Officer Debra Stiles said Charity was posing as a 15-year-old girl, which they discovered after a short investigation. Stiles told NBC News, "Through course of the investigation the officer determined she was lying."

So police arrested her on the misdemeanor charge of "failing to identify" to an officer. Authorities say they can't figure out though why she would lie about her name. "We did not find any warrants - which would be the norm - but in this case we didn't find any," Stiles said. "We don't know why (she did this) and I can't speculate as to what in the world her reason was."

The woman who called the cops, Tamica Lincoln, said that Charity led her to believe she was a teenager that needed some help, which is why she took her in.

Principal Stuart Newlin, of New Life Christian School, was surprised about the news. "She was a good student, she was respectful and did her work, got A's and B's."



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