40-foot sinkhole at Austin Peay State University's football stadium in Tennessee

By Elizabeth Learned,

A sinkhole that began forming two weeks ago at a college football field in Tennessee is now 40 feet.

Image via Twitter from NewsChannel 5

According to CBS Sports, the stadium at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee was going through renovations when the hole was discovered. At first, it wasn’t very big, but it grew in size even as construction workers tried to prevent it from opening further.

News Channel 5 reported that the sinkhole has already swallowed up portions of the track and field. Bill Persinger, a spokesman for the university, said sinkholes are common on the campus, so the setback to renovations may be minor.

The New York Daily News reported that when the hole was discovered, it was originally three by five feet. A larger hole was dug and at the bottom of the 40-foot deep hole was stable bedrock.

“We’re not going to skip any steps," project superintendent Mike Jenkins told News Channel 5. "That’s the reason I brought the engineers back out because it’s not going the way we thought it was going, so it’s time to let the professionals look at it and tell us which way to go. Once they do that we can just continue the process."

Renovation to the stadium is hopefully set to be completed in time for the fall football season.



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