ABC to foot the bill for marriage licenses, wedding ceremonies in New York City ahead of 'Modern Family' wedding (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

ABC has announced that as part of the celebration of Cam and Mitchell’s upcoming wedding on Modern Family, they will be paying for any couple obtaining a marriage license or having a wedding ceremony at New York City Clerk's office on Monday, May 12.

The actors who play same-sex couple Cam and Mitchell on the show – Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyer Ferguson – appeared on the network’s morning show Good Morning America on Monday to make the announcement.

The last two episodes of the season will focus on the wedding between their characters and Stonestreet gushed about getting the opportunity to have a cultural impact on our society.

"It's a rare opportunity you get as actors,” he said. “You never think of that when you're out there auditioning for different parts in TV shows and not getting them, and then to finally get a gig like this that is really, truly -- not to put too much importance on it, but owning it a little bit -- having social impact, cultural impact. We hear it from kids, we hear that from parents, so we know it's real."

The Hollywood Reporter notes Ferguson, who recently got married in his real life to now-husband Justin Mikita, joked "I've had a lot of the same people at both weddings!"

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