'About a Boy' recap: 'About a Birthday Party'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of About a Boy, Fiona and Will tried to plan the perfect birthday party, Dr. Sam had a fancy gala and Marcus had his birthday.

At the beginning of the episode, Sam and Will were eating breakfast. She was wearing his shirt and they were talking about who gets to eat the waffle. Sam asks Will if he will go to a fancy gala with him. Will accepts.

Marcus jumps through the wall and tells Will that his birthday party is coming up. He says that he isn’t going to have a party. Meanwhile, Sam is trying to hide the fact that she is nearly naked.

Fiona walks in and sees Marcus eating the waffle. She reminds him that he is gluten intolerant. He spits out the waffle. Dr. Sam tells Fiona that she should have Marcus tested. Fiona (basically) scoffs and takes Marcus home.

Will tells Fiona that Marcus needs a birthday party. Fiona tells him about all of his horrible birthday parties. One included carrots in a piñata. Another included 8-year-old Marcus watching his hamster get eaten by a cat. Marcus just didn’t want a party. Will said that he would throw one and it would be great.

Handy Andy and Will decide to go to Marcus’ school to get Jackson to come to the party. Jackson, the coolest kid in school, said that he was going to go to Marcus’ party but there is another party happening at the same time that had a gaming van.

When Marcus gets home from school, he and Fiona run into Dr. Sam. Marcus says that he did like Dr. Sam told him to and flooded his system with gluten. He ate a hotdog. Fiona gets mad and says that a shaman diagnosed Marcus. Dr. Sam says that she should try modern medicine. Fiona mocks modern medicine.

Side note: I hope they’re not setting up a Dr. Sam/Fiona feud. I watch the show to laugh, not to watch smart, independent women fight like one of the Real Housewives.

Will tells Fiona that he wants to get a game truck for Marcus’ birthday. Fiona wants the kids to make non-toxic bubbles and whisper their dreams into them. So, Will goes to Handy Andy’s house to talk it out. He says that they can’t get the truck. Handy Andy offers to be a magician.

So, that begs the question. Will I call him Handy Andy or The Great Andini for the rest of the season? (Comment below on which you like.)

Because Fiona moved the party, Will realizes that Marcus’ party is at the same time as Dr. Sam’s gala. So, he wants to make the party the best ever. Will takes Fiona to see how cool the game truck is.

When Fiona isn’t impressed, Will tells her that he can’t make it to the party. As they try to book it, the driver says it is booked. Will offers $2000. Fiona offers her body except for sexual favors. They are unsuccessful.

Will goes back to tell Marcus that he can’t come to the party but he says he has a great gift. Marcus is sad and doesn’t open his gift. So, Will goes to the gala.

At the gala, Will tells Sam that he can’t go. He says that Marcus needs him. Sam says that she always feels left alone when Will goes to be with Marcus. Will says that he doesn’t mean to make her feel that way but needs to leave.

Will arrives to the party to find Jackson and the other kids leaving the party. It sucks and there are only four people there. Just as they begin to leave, Dr. Sam arrives and allows them to ride in the ambulance.

After the ride, Will gives Marcus his gift. He says that they’re going to make a tree house together. Aw.

Quote of the night: “No one out does a Will party.” –Will, after Jackson says that he is skipping Marcus’ party



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