'About a Boy' recap: 'About a Hammer'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Stop! Hammer Time!

On part one of the season finale of About a Boy, Will and Marcus made a tree house, Will got "Laurie-d" and Sam was "expecting" some big news.

The episode began with Will and Marcus working on his birthday tree house. As the finish, Will says that he made the tree house and all Marcus did was scream and wince. It turns out that a hammer is one of the things that Marcus is afraid of.

Marcus says that he did make a “no girls allowed” sign. Will tells him that one day he’ll want girls in the tree house and he’ll like girls. Before they can finish their talk about girls, Sam comes over. She tells them that her building is being cleaned and that she needs a place to stay. Will allows her to stay over until her building is clean.

Will goes over to Handy Andy’s house to talk it out. He was sure that Sam was going to leave soon. He then realizes that he’s being Laurie-d. Laurie, Handy Andy’s wife, questions what it is to be Laurie-d. It is when a girl stays over and slowly moves in.

Will goes home in horror to find more of Sam’s things in his apartment. Fiona even comes over to bring Sam a house-warming gift. She says that they should have dinner together. Sam calls Will’s apartment “our place.” Will asks about Sam’s apartment hunt and she said that she was looking at her options.

Will talks to Marcus about it. He says that he’s being Laurie-d and that Marcus doesn’t understand. Marcus says that he doesn’t understand and that Will should probably be talking to an adult.

Sam comes over to talk to Fiona to borrow avocados. She doesn’t drink. She says that she’s expecting big news. She says that she can see having a future with Will.

At dinner, Marcus tells Sam that girls aren’t allowed in the tree house. He also says that Will doesn’t want her there and feels pressured into making her stay. He also explains what Laurie-d is and Sam gets mad. Sam leaves and Marcus apologizes.

Fiona tells Will that Sam is expecting.

Will freaks out. He doesn’t know if he would be a good father. So, to test himself, he decides to teach Marcus how to use a hammer. When hammering, Marcus hits his finger. Will runs inside and takes care of him. He realizes that he would be a great father.

Will goes to the hospital and apologizes to Sam. She tells him that she’s not pregnant. She’s moving to New York.

Quote of the night: “She’s taking our baby to New York?!” – Marcus, after he learns that Sam is moving to New York and still believes she is expecting.

image via Facebook from About A Boy



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