'About a Boy' season one finale recap: 'About a Rib Chute'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On the part two of the season one finale of About a Boy, Sam left for New York, Will dealt with the fall out and Marcus and Fiona prepared for Will to move. This is the second part of the finale. To read the first part recap, read it here.

It was nice to have a two episode finale. It wrapped everything up perfectly. But, it is extremely disappointing that the show only lasted 13 episodes.

The episode began with Marcus and Will getting pedicures. Will was sad because Sam was leaving. He took Marcus with him because he felt that he needed to feel better because he loved her and she was leaving. Will got a text and Marcus answered it, agreeing that Will would get his band back together.

As Will dropped her off at the airport (and holding everyone up), Sam invites Will to come to New York together. Shocked by the invitation, Will has to think about it.

As Will is sitting in the tree house thinking, Fiona brings him sad muffins. Will tells her that Sam wants him to move to New York. Listening to Will talk about moving, Fiona eats the sad muffins herself. Will says that he needs to talk to Marcus about it.

Marcus and Will go rock climbing on a fake rock wall. As they get to the top, Marcus says that they’re going to be best friends forever. This statement makes Will question whether or not he wants to leave. However, he calls Sam and says that he wants to move to New York.

Fiona tells Will that she wants to be in his band. He says no but tells her to sit down. He tells her that he’s going to move. She sings a spiritual and bangs on the tambourine. Will says that he wants to tell Marcus.

Will and Marcus sit in the tree house but Will chickens out and doesn’t tell him. He goes coat shopping with Andy. Andy cries and says that he doesn’t want Will to leave. Will says he doesn’t want to leave either but he needs to grow up.

When Marcus gets home, he finds out that Will’s apartment is up for rent. He gets angry and begins to tear up the tree house. He tells Will that he is leaving just like his dad did.

Will stays up all night and puts the house back together.

Fiona tells Will that she’s going to miss him. Will leaves to perform with his band. While he is gone, Marcus finds that Will fixed up the tree house and put lighting and a mini fridge in it.

He runs to Will’s band performance just in time to watch him sing “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” There is a montage for the entire season. It is incredibly sweet.

At the end, Will moves to New York. He video calls Marcus. Fiona yells up to the tree house and tells Marcus that it is dinnertime. Marcus panics but Will built a rib chute into the tree house.

To be honest, this episode felt like a series finale. But, since About a Boy was renewed for a second season, I’m curious how they will fix it. Nevertheless, this was a very entertaining season and I’ll miss watching it.

Quote of the night: “Neighbors move.” –Fiona, realizing that Will was leaving and there was nothing she could do about it.



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