Air Force spy plane causes problems for LAX

By Brady Kirkland,

The famed LAX airport experienced major delays on Wednesday, and it seems a U.S. Air Force spy plane may be responsible.

According to The Daily Mail, over 200 flights were either cancelled or delayed from the LAX airport after a U-2 spy plane caused a malfunction at the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center. While the U-2 was flying well above other commercial planes, the system at the control center displayed otherwise. Flights were diverted in the computers’ efforts to avoid a collision.

In a statement regarding the issue on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said, “the FAA has put in place mitigation measures as engineers complete development of software changes.”

NBC News reports that the glitch also affected certain airports in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

The U-2 was first thought to have come from Edwards Air Force Base, just 30 miles from the control center. However, a spokesperson for Edwards has since claimed that there are no U-2s at the base.



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