Alabama police arrest father and son for stealing urinal parts

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities said that they have arrested a father and son for allegedly stealing flush valves and other parts from urinals in restaurant bathrooms.

According to the Birmingham News, police caught the duo Thursday morning after stopping a vehicle that matched the description of the suspect’s car.

The father and son duo are suspected of stealing toilet parts at several fast-food establishments in the Birmingham area.

The bizarre crimes seems a little more boggling when trying to consider a motive for stealing the parts.

The Associated Press noted that a Jackson County Deputy said that the items were not made of copper, which would give them little value if they were sold as scrap metal. However, police Lt. Sean Edwards said that officers did find some toilet valves at area scrap metal yards.

The two allegedly robbed urinal parts at local Arby’s, McAlister's, Guthrie's, Burger King, Waffle House and McDonald’s restaurants.

The identities of the pair have not been released to the public.



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