Alberta oil sands worker killed by black bear

By Kyle Johnson,

A black bear killed an oil sands worker in Alberta on Wednesday despite attempts by other workers nearby to scare it away.

Other employees on site tried to scare the bear off with air horns, but the bear was still able to drag and kill the female employee, reports The Associated Press. Unifor spokesman Scott Doherty said the Suncor worker was on site for electrical work near Fort McMurray.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety spokesman Barrie Harrison said the bear has since been put down by the RMCP.

According to the Canadian Press, Suncor representative Sneh Seetal said, "This is an absolutely tragic event." She noted that more information on the employee won't be released until the family gives consent, but said the 36-year-old died at the scene.

This time of year in Alberta is when bears are out foraging for food after waking from hibernation, but Harrison said that he believes this is the first time in his career he's ever known a bear to come out and attack anyone on the job.



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