Alex Chacon takes the selfie to end all selfies with 360 degree, around the world viral video

By Daniel S Levine,

It's time to stop taking selfies, because Alex Cachon has just created the selfie to end all selfies.

Cachon created an amazing viral video, which will easily go down as one of the best selfies ever. Over three years, the motorcyclist and documentarian traveled around the world with his GoPro camera on a stick, using it to record his adventures.

While the three-minute video could have just been a slideshow of static selfies, Cachon took it one step further. He filmed his adventures in 36 countries, moving the camera around his body in a circle. By editing the footage together, he makes it look as if he goes around the world. It’s a 360 degree selfie!

Cachon took his bike around the world over 600 days, chronicling his journey on Modern Motor Diaries. It took him 600 days to complete the trip and he finally shared the video last week. He also told his story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The video has been seen over 2.6 million times and will certainly act as a great commercial for GoPro cameras!



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