‘Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘Bull Down’

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams encounter another U-Turn as they fight for a place in the final four

In the leg to determine the final four, teams headed to Seville, Spain, and were pre-warned that a U-Turn was awaiting them there.

Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal managed to get on a flight which would allow them to arrive that night, while Brenchel, Caroline and Jen, and Jet and Cord all made one that wouldn’t arrive until the next morning. However, despite their initial lead, the first clue they would find wouldn’t be available to them until the following morning — closing their lead significantly.

Once in Seville, teams made their way to a hair shop and encountered a roadblock, which would require them to become “barbers of Seville” and properly shave a balloon head in 60 seconds. After completion, teams would find their next clue at the Real Alcazar.

At the Real Alcazar, teams encountered their Detour. In “Spanish Steps,” which Caroline and Jen chose, they would need to join a flamenco group and master a routine. In “Run with the Ballz,” teams donned bull costumes in a ball shape and ran along a marked route in Seville, where they encountered others trying to knock them down as they tried to find a phrase. They would need to repeat the proper phrase to a matador. All other teams chose this detour — and Jamal hurt his knee in the process.

Before doing the Detour, Caroline and Jennifer also completed a Speed Bump, which involved them delivering six Spanish hams to a café.

There, teams had to search on foot for the General Archive of the Indies, where they saw the U-Turn. Dave and Connor won’t do it, and despite having an alliance maintaining they would U-Turn the Brenchels, Jamal’s knee injury changed their thinking and they U-Turned Jet and Cord instead. The cowboys wound up being the only U-Turned team.

From there, teams made their way to the Plaza de Espana for the Pit Stop.

Dave and Connor arrived first and won a trip for two to St. Croix. Brendon and Rachel arrived second, Leo and Jamal were third, and Caroline and Jennifer were fourth. Jet and Cord were last, and therefore, eliminated.



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