'Amazing Race' Recap: 'Do You Believe In Magic?' - season finale

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams cross the Las Vegas finish line - and one wins $1 Million

As teams headed for the finish line, they traveled from Wales to Las Vegas, where they would need to get into waiting vehicles that would take them to their first clues.

In the ride to the destination, it was revealed that Rachel had gotten into a fight with the country singers at the airport that resorted in pushing, and revealed she would be bringing her dirty side to the race.

Teams were taken to an abandoned desert, where they were ordered to dig. The game got dirty again with the Brenchels, as they kept throwing dirt they had dug up into the hole Dave and Connor were digging, resulting in yet another confrontation. Finally, teams found a box that told them to open it ans return the contents to David Copperfield.

Teams then headed to the MGM Grand, where they not only encountered David Copperfield himself, but also a roadblock task which would require them to complete a daring escape task. One member of each team would be locked inside a wooden crate and then need to find a key to unlock their shackles, then find an outside lock pick to get out of the box before they are dropped into a set of burning scaffolding. Connor, Jennifer and Rachel did this task.

Connor unlocks his locks quickly, but the move scares Dave when the box drops—and explodes. He becomes scared because he doesn’t know where his son is—prompting Copperfield to say they would call the fire department. However, when Dave turned around, the fireman was Connor.

The next clue told the teams to head to the Neon Boneyard Museum where they were to search fr their next clue. There, they are told to unscrew a light bulb from a question mark sign and take it to the Mirage hotel for their next clue.

Brendon and Rachel try playing dirty again by stealing Jen and Caroline’s tax — but do not succeed.



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