Amazon to let shoppers fill carts via Twitter

By Michelle Kapusta,

Amazon shoppers will now be able to fill their virtual carts via Twitter by using the hashtag #AmazonCart.

According to USA Today, on Monday, the company announced the #AmazonCart feature, which allows users to add items to their carts when they use the hashtag.

ZDNet broke down the way it works:

First, the Amazon consumer sees a product on Twitter. Then, by connecting their Twitter and Amazon accounts and using the #AmazonCart hashtag, the goods are added to their shopping cart for later. Amazon will respond on Twitter and through email to note that the items were successfully added to the cart.

Amazon believes that this is another convenience for their customers and Twitter hopes to benefit from the deal and prove it can provide value to a specific brand.

Last year, the social media site announced a similar partnership with American Express. For that deal, Amex cardholders, with synced accounts, also use a special hashtag for products they are eligible to purchase.



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