'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery and roommates are victims of a home invasion in North Carolina

By Shaunice Conyers,

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and his roommates were robbed at their home in North Carolina.

WTVD reports how on the Monday morning (May 5), McCreery and his two roommates were robbed at their apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their apartment is located near the campus of North Carolina State University, where McCreery is enrolled as a student. According to law enforcement, three armed men entered the apartment and grabbed wallets, cash, and electronic items before taking off. No individuals were hurt in the incident.

One of the victims placed a call to 911 and told the operator that the robbers took everything they had. The caller said, "They were like 'Get down. Get on the floor and give us everything you got." The caller added that the robbers told them to count to 100 before they were allowed to get off the ground. Neighbors state that they heard a set of people storming up the stairs. One woman thought it was just a bunch of college students having a good time partying.

After, the ordeal, McCreery took to Twitter to put out a statement.

According to Billboard, McCreery won season 10 of American Idol in 2011. At that time he was 17 years old and beat out Lauren Alaina to become the winner. After, winning, McCreery described how he and Alaina stuck together throughout the competition. He added, "I gotta thank the Lord first -- he got me here."

Here is McCreery's winning moment from season 10 of American Idol:

Image CR: Michael Becker / FOX, Copyright: FOX



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