Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt don't want their children to be actors, 'Maleficent' is appropriate for them

By Daniel S Levine,

Even though Vivienne is in Maleficent, Angelina Jolie said that she and her fiance, Brad Pitt, are not interested in seeing their children follow them into the acting business. She also said that making the film for Disney was important for her, since she needed to make a movie that their children could actually see.

In an interview with the Daily Mail this week, Jolie said that she and Pitt don’t want to see their children getting into acting, at least while they are still young.

“Neither one of us want our children to be actors, Brad and I but it was just I really couldn’t ask another four/ five year old to do it because kids on set did actually get scared and they would cry when they would see me,” Jolie explained.

Still, Jolie said that she was impressed by Vivienne’s performance as young Aurora. As Aurora grows up, Elle Fanning takes over the role. Jolie said that she and Vivienne practiced their scenes together several times. “I was actually shocked at how well she did,” the Oscar winner said.

Jolie also said that she decided to take on Disney’s new version of the classic Sleeping Beauty story because she figured out that she hadn’t made many movies in her career that are appropriate for her children. “I didn’t realize how many films I made that my kids can’t see until I did this!” she said.

She is also sure that, despite focusing on Sleeping Beauty’s villain, the film is still appropriate for all of her children.

“So it was like just sharing this play time, which is of course what I do for a living but when it comes down to this level and this world, you can really share it with your kids and it was the greatest,” she said of the film.

Fanning is also busy doing interviews for Maleficent. As the Huffington Post notes, the 16-year-old recently spoke with V Magazine, noting how Jolie just draws everyone’s attention when she enters a room.

“Whenever she walks into a room, you just stare at her,” Fanning said. “And she was walking around on set in the whole costume with both her twins, one on each hip. It made her seem even more otherworldly. But she was incredible. We had the best time. I really love her.”

Maleficent opens on May 30.



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