Apple, Google agree to drop patent lawsuits

By Kyle Johnson,

Apple and Google agreed on Friday to drop all patent infringement lawsuits they have that are targeting each other.

In a joint statement, reports PC World, the two tech giants said, "Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform," but there wasn't any movement on cross-licensing yet.

Among the dropped lawsuits, includes the ones Apple has against the Motorola division that Google is looking to sell to Lenovo, reports The Wall Street Journal. In total, Google and Apple had 20 lawsuits filed against the other in either the United States or in Germany.

While the two companies might have dropped suits against each other, Apple is still dealing with Samsung Electronics and they continue to deal with lawsuits targeting mobile phone tech patents.

At the beginning of May, Samsung was found guilty of infringing upon two Apple patents and was ordered to pay $119.6 million. the same jury also found that Apple violated a Samsung patent, but were told to pay the much lower sum of $158,400.

Google also is dealing with litigation from Rockstar Consortium, who Apple has some ownership in, along with Microsoft, Blackberry Ltd, Ericsson Inc and Sony Corp.



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