Are you more stressed at home than work?

By Amanda Stewart,

People, especially women, are more likely to be more stressed out when they are at home than when they are at work.

A new study conducted at Penn State University has shown that stress levels for women are higher at home than at work, according to The Tech Times. This tends to be especially true of women who do not have any children.

Researchers took measurements of people, both men and women of different socioeconomic backgrounds, when they were at home and when they were at work. They found that, “people have significantly lower levels of stress at work than at home.” Those with higher incomes were the only outliers. They were more stressed at work than at home.

They measured the cortisol both during the week and on the weekends as well as asked the subjects questions about how they were feeling. "Further contradicting conventional wisdom, we found that women as well as men have lower levels of stress at work than at home. In fact, women may get more renewal from work than men, because unlike men, they report themselves happier at work than at home," said Sarah Damaske, lead author of the study.

According to The Washington Post, the results were mind blowing to Damaske and her colleague because most people blame work for their stress levels.

Researchers believe that this is because adults, and even those without children, feel pressure at home due to bills and trying to keep everything together. It’s a lot of stress and going to work means you may be relieving that stress by making money or just getting away from home.



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