Army Sergeant writes letter to Gwyneth Paltrow about comments on Twitter and war

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

If anyone is desperately wishing for a rewind button, it is Gwyneth Paltrow.

After being called a “joke” by Senator John McCain’s wife, more and more people are speaking out about how the actress compared the social media site Twitter to war.

This time the words are coming from U.S. Army Green Beret Sergeant First Class Brian Sikes. In a polite but crisp letter to the actress, Sikes calls her out on how difficult her privileged lifestyle must be, especially when she receives word that someone on the Internet is not a fan of her, her work or lifestyle.

If there is one thing this letter is not, it is cushioned. Sikes provides no pity with comments such as, “You should receive a medal for the burden you have carried on your shoulders due to these meanies on social media.”

Hopefully Paltrow will see the letter and respond as the actress is probably re-thinking some of her words.

The letter has gone viral with support and Michele Hickford from allenbwest.com commented with, “It’s marvelous. I just hope it doesn’t make Gwyneth cry.” Sarcastic or not, it is a must read.

image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com


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