'The Artist' director Michel Hazanavicius to helm Demetri Martin's 'Will' with Zach Galifiankis, Paul Rudd

By Will Ashton,

Although stand-up comedian Demetri Martin has had his script Will in the works for years, little has come about it since it first hit the Black List back in 2007. That is soon changing, as The Artist helmer Michael Hazanavicius has said that this will likely be his next film.

Variety reported the news of the director's decision for his next movie. Hazanavicius revealed the news to the site at the Cannes Film Festival, where The Search, the newest film from the Academy award-winning director, is premiering this week.

Among the updates he gave was that he met with Martin to read the latest version of the script, which he though "looked great," and that he was getting Zach Galifiankis to star as one of the leads.

“He’s extremely funny, and can convey great sincerity and humanity even when he’s delivering big gags," Hazanavicius said of Galifiankis.

The film centers on a man named Will (to be played by Paul Rudd) who gets his life written by his rebellious guardian angel, which is the role that Galifiankis is planning to play.

"Will has been in the starting blocks for a while because I (started the) The Search. After making The Artist, I received a lot of proposals but figured it was the right timing for me to direct The Search because we were able to finance it without too much difficulty and it’s a film that was important for me to make,” Hazanvicius said.

The director also commented that he hopes to start shooting the movie, which has had Will Ferell and Adam McKay signed on as producers for year, either at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next.

After Will, Hazanvicius expects to direct In the Garden of Beasts, based on Erik Larson's non-fiction book, starring Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman.



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