Barbara Walters kids about herself during 'Saturday Night Live' cameo appearance

By Chris Hayes,

To commemorate the end of her career in television journalism, pioneering newswoman and The View creator Barbara Walters made a self-parodying cameo appearance on the satirical news show "Weekend Update" during this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

After years of enduring playful mockery from Weekend Update, Walters (or Baba Wawa as she has endearingly come to be known thanks to SNL, notes Yahoo) reasserted her “groundbreaking career” by hitting back at its comedian anchors. In the spirit of lighthearted self-awareness, she also poked fun at some of her own career flubs, including an infamous interview with Katharine Hepburn and a chat about iPad Scrabble with President Barack Obama.

Walters became famous in 1976 for being the first female news co-anchor in the male-dominated sphere of broadcast journalism. She will make her final television appearance on The View celebrating her accomplishments this Friday.

The View will also air a weeklong celebration of her seminal career leading up to the farewell show. ABC has stated that Walters will continue to executive produce The View following the end of her on-screen career.



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