Barbara Walters said LA Clippers owner Donald sterling pulled out of interview

By Daniel S Levine,

ABC News’ Barbara Walters made a big splash just before her retirement by snagging an interview with V. Stiviano, the woman heard on the controversial tape that got LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned from the NBA for life. However, it could have been an even bigger boost for Walters, since Sterling was originally supposed to be interviewed as well. However, she says he backed out at the last minute.

As previously reported, Walters did get to sit down with Stiviano, who is reportedly Sterling’s girlfriend. Stiviano said that she doesn’t think Sterling is a racist, although he “absolutely” needs to apologize for his comments.

However, TMZ reported on Friday that Sterling was supposed to be a part of the interview. He was also supposed to talk with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and did speak with both Cooper and Walters, but off camera. Anderson didn’t even get to speak with Stiviano.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walters did confirm on The View that Sterling was going to talk to her. He remained indecisive about actually doing it, until he eventually decided against it.

Walters described Sterling’s relationship with Stiviano as “unsteady.” “He went from caring about her to calling her names. He would do the interview; he wouldn't do the interview. So it's very erratic, it's hard to pin down,” Walters said.

So far, the only words from Sterling since he was banned from the NBA is a single sentence published by DuJour magazine. “I should have paid her off,” he is quoted as saying.



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