Ben Affleck banned from Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for counting cards (Report)

By Shaunice Conyers,

Actor Ben Affleck has reportedly been banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after he was caught counting cards while gambling.

According to TMZ, who first learned of the ban, Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner were in Las Vegas for a short vacation before he leaves to go to Detroit for a couple of months to film the new Batman movie.

On Tuesday night Affleck was at the Hard Rock casino when he was flocked by security while he was playing blackjack. Security told Affleck that he was considered an "advantaged player" and he was not allowed to play anymore blackjack. In addition, security caught Affleck counting cards.

Counting cards is a gambling strategy that involves adding up card values to reduce betting risk as you figure out when the best time to bet is. The strategy is not illegal but will get you thrown out of a casino.

A source said, “The hotel was really nice to him,” as they called for a car service to take Affleck back to his hotel.

The New York Daily News reveals that Affleck is big time gambler. Back in 2001, Affleck won $800,000 while playing blackjack at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. The Argo star was also seen by witnesses, giving $150,000 to dealers and waitresses.



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