Beverly Hills City Council joins Hollywood in condemning Brunei’s new laws

By Daniel S Levine,

The Beverly Hills City Council has voted to condemn Brunei, which announced last week that it is implementing sharia law. The famous Beverly Hills Hotel is owned by a company run by Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, who has been the target of protests from celebrities and other major Hollywood groups.

As previously reported, Richard Branson, Sharon Osbourne, Ellen DeGeneres and many other stars have called for a boycott of the hotel. It is owned by the Dorchester Collection, which is run by the Brunei Investment Agency. Brunei also owns the Hotel Bel-Air.

One of the latest groups to boycott the hotel is the Motion Picture & Television fund, which hosts the annual “Night Before The Oscars” charity event. Officials from the group told The Hollywood Reporter that the event will not be held at the hotel in 2015.

“We cannot condone or tolerate these harsh and repressive laws and as a result support a business owned by the Sultan of Brunei or a Brunei sovereign fund associated with the government of Brunei,” fund Chairman Bob Pisano, Vice Chairman Mark Fleischer and CEO Bob Beitcher said in a statement, notes The Daily News.

On Tuesday night, after Jay Leno appeared at a rally against Brunei, the Beverly Hills City Council called on Brunei to divest itself from the hotel.

“The City of Beverly Hills strongly condemns the government of Brunei as well as other governments which engage in similar policies for adopting laws that impose extreme and inhumane penalties including execution by stoning, flogging and severing of limbs,” the resolution reads, reports The LA Times. “The City of Beverly Hills urges the government of Brunei to divest itself of the Beverly Hills Hotel and any other properties it may own in Beverly Hills.”

Brunei began following the strict sharia laws, which punish homosexuality and adultery with harsh punishments like stoning.



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