'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Gorilla Dissolution'

By Marissa Pessolano,

On this week’s The Big Bang Theory, “The Gorilla Dissolution,” Mrs. Wolowitz breaks her leg, Sheldon and Raj go to the movies, and Penny decides she is going to be positive about her own movie.

Bernadette thinks that Howard should be more willing to help take care of his mom since she will be in bed for 6-8 weeks. Howard would rather hire a nurse to do it. Bernadette feels differently and goes to help her go to the bathroom, but not before calling Howard a putz.

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Leonard watches Penny filming a scene of her movie where she is a half gorilla in a cage. Penny asks the director if they could do another take because she feels like she could do it better. The director says it doesn’t matter because it is a bad movie and if it were a good movie, she wouldn’t be in it. Leonard steps in to defend Penny, leading to Penny being fired. All the scenes with her face were already shot, so they could easily hire someone else to wear a gorilla mask. Will Wheaton decides to quit as well. The three of them go out for drinks. Penny rethinks her life choices and the guys try, but fail, to cheer her up.

Raj and Sheldon run into Emily at the movies. Emily is with another guy, which upsets Raj. Sheldon asks Raj why he is mad about seeing Emily with another man. Raj asks if Sheldon would be mad at Amy. He responds saying they have an iron clad relationship agreement where Amy can’t be physical with another man, although he isn’t physical with her. Sheldon later points out to Raj that the problem is he clings to any woman that will go out with him and he doesn’t know how to be alone.

Bernadette comes home with groceries and Howard smells coffee on her breath. This makes him mad because he was home alone taking care of his mom. The two quickly start to get tired, realizing that this is what it would be like to have a baby.

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Emily shows up at Raj’s apartment to apologize. Emily explains to Raj that the guy she was with did her last tattoo and she just said yes to a date because he kept bothering her. She apologizes and is surprised that Raj takes it so well. She tells him that she isn’t seeing anyone else. Raj wants to see where her tattoos are, especially after she makes it sound like one of them is in an intimate spot. This leads them to start making out.

Back at the apartment, Penny feels that she needs to start making smart decisions in her life. Penny suggests to Leonard that they should get married. Leonard feels like she is only saying it because she is sad and that he is a safe and smart choice. Penny says that getting fired from the movie was the best thing to happen because now she realizes she doesn’t need to be famous to be happy, all she needs is Leonard. Leonard agrees and surprises Penny by pulling out a ring from his wallet and proposing. He says he has had it for a couple of years. Penny says yes.

Bernadette finally gives in and hires a nurse to take care of Mrs. Wolowitz as she and Howard sit on the couch in their robes drinking coffee.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



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