Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party, dispensed love advice (Video)

By Drew Barile,

Bill Murray, the spontaneous fun-loving sexagenarian actor made a surprise appearance at a random bachelor party.

Some friends were in Charleston for a bachelor party and spotted Murray at the steakhouse that hosted the event. The group sent Murray drinks, which he declined. One man even bodily approached Murray and implored him to speak at the bachelor party, which Murray declined. After disappointment, the men return to their event. However, Murray decided to make an appearance and gave a few words of advice.

According to The Concourse, Murray spoke to everyone and cracked some jokes at the groom's expense. He even gave his input on when and how to get married. Then, he suggested that everyone lift up the groom in celebration.

Murray offered this humorous insight about bachelor parties. According to Hitflix, he said, "You know how they say funerals aren't for the dead but for the living?" He added that similarly bachelor parties aren’t for the groom, but for his friends.

He explained that when you find a girl you love, and think she is worthy of marriage, “don’t use your ordinary mind.”

The grand Budapest Hotel actor added that before you propose in the normal fashion, buy tickets to travel all over the world. Murray said that the two lovers should travel to places obscure and difficult to get to and also leave. And after all the adventures and upon returning home, you feel you still love that person, get married at the airport. His uniquely profound suggestion was met with tumultuous cheers. He smiled and joined the group in hoisting the groom, EJ, into the air.

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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