'The Blacklist' Season One Finale Recap: 'Berlin: Conclusion'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On the season one finale of The Blacklist, Berlin was revealed, someone died and everything was insane. (If you haven’t watched the episode, don’t read this. There are massive spoilers. Seriously.)

In my opinion, there are two types of television shows. There are television shows you watch and television shows that you love. If it is a show that you watch, you don’t mind missing it and you play on your phone when it gets boring. If it is a show that you love, you can’t handle missing a new episode and you can’t take your eyes off the screen. For me, The Blacklist is a show that I love. And, this episode is exactly why.

The episode began where last week’s ended. As the plane crashed, there were survivors getting out. There were dead bodies lying around. It was gruesome to see charred bodies but I ignored it. It’s The Blacklist - nothing is ever clean. The prisoners tell a tale of the man in the hood. He was chained to a guard and cut his hand off.

Meanwhile Red is being put in chains in the post office. The security officer asks Red if it is worth it. He asks if Agent Keen is worth turning himself in. Red says that it is worth it.

Liz and the team are working on their final case. Aram figures out that the plane flew under the radar and after interviewing the prisoners and looking at the evidence, they assume that Berlin is Russian.

Tom meets with a Russian man, we assume to be Berlin. He gives him a list of everyone on the task force. Berlin-guy says that they’re going to take out the team one by one.

Red gets a visit from Fitch (Alan Alda) and Fitch is worried that his team didn’t know where the plane came from. Red points out that he tried to help Fitch but Fitch wouldn’t listen. Fitch decides to give red a “fighting chance” by having him transported. Red says that he can get out of it.

Red is put into a car with Fitch’s FBI buddy. Red mocks him and he says that he hopes Red dies. But, he doesn’t. He gets away. He runs to a pay phone and tells Liz that the entire task force is in trouble.

Agent Malik and Ressler are in the field. They’re looking for a Russian who might know something at a nightclub. They separate, Ressler goes upstairs and Malik follows a shady guy.

Malik doesn’t see the shady guy slip behind her and he slits her throat. Elizabeth arrived too late and simply found Malik lying in her blood

I guessed that someone would die in this episode. I knew that it would be a major character. And I was right, sadly. RIP Agent Meera Malik.

Liz meets with Red and wants to know why they are being targeted. He says that the task force has pulled Berlin out of the shadows. He says that as long as the task force works, Berlin can’t have them alive. Liz asks what Sam has to do with any of it. Red says that Sam is a puzzle piece in an unfinished puzzle. He points out that Sam is her father. He changes the subject and points out that Berlin wasn’t the only prisoner on the plane. They need the manifest.

The prisoner decides to talk. The plane was a Russian plane. They send Red to talk to the Russian Ambassador.

The Ambassador comes home find Red holding his dog. Red demands the manifest. The man asks if Red is going to kill his dog. Red says that he isn’t a monster and that he’d never kill a dog. But, then he throws a knife at the man’s leg. Red gets the list.

The FBI visits the guard in the hospital. The guard in the hospital with one hand cut off. The guard says that Berlin isn’t on the manifest. He tells the story of Berlin. He was a KGB agent with a daughter. One day, his daughter fell in love and was sent to prison. Berlin arranged for his daughter to escape and Berlin was sent to prison because of it. He prayed his daughter’s safety but every day he got his daughter’s body parts. He says that Berlin is looking for payback.

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