Brad Pitt throws a beer to Matthew McConaughey from one balcony to another in New Orleans (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Both Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey were in New Orleans over the weekend and a video has been making the rounds on the Internet of their balcony interaction. The actors realized they were neighbors, waving at each other across the street from each other while standing on their own balconies.

When someone on McConaughey’s balcony nudged him and told him to look across the street, there was Pitt alone on his balcony. Pitt then asked the Dallas Buyers Club star if he wanted a beer and threw one over to him.

People reports Pitt and his fiancé, Angelina Jolie, own a home in New Orleans while McConaughey was just in town to film a segment for Amazing Race with NFL star Drew Brees. Brees was seen among the people standing on McConaughey’s balcony.

The beer that Pitt threw over to his friend was called NOLA Hopitoulas, BestofNewOrleans reports.

Watch the video below:



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