Brown vs. Board of Education turns 60, National Park Service to live-tweet historic decision

By Daniel S Levine,

The Supreme Court’s historic Brown vs. Board of Education decision turns 60 on Saturday. To mark the occasion, the National Park Service will live-tweet the day of the decision as it happened on Twitter.

The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, Kansas announced plans to host the Twitter re-enactment on Thursday, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal. Organizers will launch Twitter handles named after the Supreme Court justices who made the decision, which struck down segregation in schools. For example, Chief Justice Earl Warren’s handle will be @SC_CJ_EWarren54. Each Tweet will include the hashtag #Brown1954.

In addition, media responses to the decision will be represented. According to McClatchy, Mississippi’s Jackson Daily News will have its own handle, @Jackson_Daily54. The New York Times’ responses will be tweeted out on @NY_Times54. Each tweet , sent on Saturday and Sunday, will feature real quotes from the time

The Brown vs. Board of Education ruling found “separate but equal” unconstitutional, allowing for racial integration in schools and knocking down a key part of the Jim Crow laws, notes The Associated Press. The decision was made on May 17, 1954.



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