Bryan Singer files motion to have Michael Egan’s sex abuse claims dismissed

By Daniel S Levine,

Director Bryan Singer has filed a motion, asking a judge to dismiss Michael Egan’s sexual abuse claims against him. Egan filed a lawsuit last month, alleging that Singer drugged him and assaulted him at several parties while Egan was in his teens. Egan has also filed lawsuits against three other Hollywood executives.

Singer filed the motion on Wednesday, citing lack of jurisdiction and saying that he could prove that he was not in Hawaii during the time that one of the alleged incidents took place in 1999. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer even brings up Egan’s own sworn 2003 deposition, in which Egan claimed he had never even been out of the contiguous U.S.

That deposition was done as part of a 2000 lawsuit Egan filed against the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network (DEN). However, in the 2014 lawsuits, filed in April, Egan claimed he did go to Hawaii, where he says he was abused by Singer and three other defendants - David Neuman, Garth Ancierand Gary Goddard. The new lawsuit was filed in Hawaii federal court.

As TheWrap notes, Neuman has also filed a motion to have the lawsuit against him dismissed. All four men have denied Egan’s allegations.

In Singer’s motion, he points out that Egan went public with his allegations close to the relase of X-Men: Days of Future Past “to maximize public attention on the eve of the picture's release.” That film comes out this weekend and Singer has not done any press for the movie himself.



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