Burnt Bridge in Hesperia, California now open to traffic

By Angelica Stephens,

The bridge connecting California to Nevada that caught fire Monday is now re-open to those heading northbound.

The fire was allegedly caused from sparks created by a metal cutting tool used by one of the workers. It began around 1:30 pm on Monday and proved to be quite a challenge for firefighters.

San Francisco Chronicle noted, firefighters were faced with the challenge of wind, dessert-like conditions, and a shortage of water, as well as the possibility of the entire bridge collapsing, as they attempted to put the fire out. As a result, traffic was held back.

The damage from the fire left workers no choice but to demolish a big chunk of the bridge last night, which was a detrimental loss to the ongoing project.

According to the Los Angeles Times , the Ranchero Road bridge has been undergoing a project to repair several of its parts, which was presumed to cost around $59 million. The project was expected to be completed by December; however, officials stated that the fire may have destroyed any progress that had been made.

Tim Watkins of the San Bernardino Associated Governments stated that the magnitude of damage will be assessed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The southbound part of the bridge is anticipated to be open Wednesday.



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