California man arrested for kidnapping teen, holding her captive for decade

By Kyle Johnson,

A California man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and holding her captive for a decade.

Isidro Garcia, 41, has been charged with suspicion of kidnapping and rape, false imprisonment and lewd acts with a minor, according to KTLA. Garcia was the now-25-year-old woman's mother's boyfriend.

The mother said back in 2004 Garcia and her daughter disappeared "after a domestic violence incident." She also accused her boyfriend of sexually assaulting her daughter.

The Los Angeles Times reports the young woman contacted her sister on Facebook and told her she was Garcia's captive. She also said that 41-year-old Garcia forced her to have his child and marry him. Eventually she was able to gain the courage to call police.

She explained to authorities that back in 2004 Garcia drugged her and fled to Compton, where she was locked into a garage for a time. He obtained false documentation for her and told her that if she ever tried to go back to her family, they would end up being deported.

Investigators said that the young woman lived under "sustained physical and mental abuse" during her decade as Garcia's captive.



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