Californian man arrested for allegedly holding woman hostage for 10 years

By Angelica Stephens,

Isidro Garcia of California now sits in a Santa Ana jail after reportedly assaulting his former girlfriend’s daughter and holding her captive for 10 years.

Garcia is being charged with rape of a minor, false imprisonment, and kidnap. He allegedly made the girl marry him in 2007 and five years later she had his child. He now is behind bars with a $1 million bail, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The girl was kidnapped in August 2004, two months after Garcia had reportedly begun sexually assaulting her. He drugged both the girl and her mother, placing the mother in a garage so he could take the daughter away. The mother notified police that she believed Garcia had taken her daughter, but the police had a hard time finding her since Garcia reportedly changed their names and identity many times.

The girl had tried to break free twice, but was severally beaten each time. She had several other opportunities to break free from Garcia, but refused to leave because she saw no hope of getting out after so many years of abuse, police reported.

Garcia would constantly brain wash the girl into thinking her family had abandoned her and threatened to harm them if she broke free, USA Today noted.

The girl recently gained the courage to seek help by contacting her sister on Facebook.



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