Cannes Film Festival opens with a debate about the festival buildings

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Sights are set towards Cannes, as the festival enters its fourth decade. Gilles Jacob said that the red-carpeted, white retro complex where the festival is taking place will be anything but “cool.”

In talking to the local media this week, Jacob called the festival complex “ill-adapted.” He was hoping for a more modern building to host the festival. "We're therefore asking for a Grand Palace to be built ... that's befitting of the world's No. 1 cultural event," said Jacob, according to the Associated Press.

Would building a new facility be the best thing? Cannes’ mayor, David Lisnard, said that the festival hall is a fine place to host the glamorous event.

The festival opens with the Grace of Monaco, according to the LA Times. Some of the other films set to make a splash at the festival include Jean-Luc Godard's Goodbye to Language. Open air screenings on the beach this year include Walter Hill’s The Warriors. Sophia Loren will be a guest of honor, according to the official website.

The Cannes Film Festival is running from May 14 - May 25.



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