Cara Delevingne posts drunken elevator ride with Reese Withspoon, Zoey Deschanel and Kate Upton from after Met Gala (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Model Cara Delevingne, the girlfriend of Fast & Furious 7 star Michelle Rodriguez, posted a hilarious drunken video of herself in an elevator with Reese Witherspoon, Kate Upton and Zoey Deschanel.

Delevingne posted the video to her Instagram account but has since deleted it. It still lives on, however, so we still get to see Witherspoon completely botching the model’s last name.

“I love you Kara. Cara. I don't know what your f**kin' name is,” Witherspoon says in the video, struggling to pronounce her first name right. She then said, “If you force me to say your last name, I’ll be f—ked.”

As they’re getting off the elevator, most likely to a Met Gala afterparty, Witherspoon says, “What’s the most important thing in a name, for a girl — that a man can whisper it into his pillow.”

Although Delevingne deleted the video, she kept the photos she posted of herself with Witherspoon, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth and Stella McCartney.

“My dates for the evening #metball #hubbahubba,” she wrote.

image via Instagram from Cara Delevingne



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