Caring for a sick spouse is more stressful than caring for mom

By Amanda Stewart,

A recent news poll has shown that when you have to care for your sick spouse it is even more stressful than caring for your parent.

The Associated Press reported that the poll found that Americans 40 and over are confident that they can count on their families to take care of them as they get older. Which, given that the poll says that half of them have already cared for someone they cared about, gives good reason.

People, young or old, aren't making any plans to care for their loved ones in the long-term though. Actually, people are more likely to tell those close to them what they want their funeral plans to be like than what they want daily life to be like when they are older and need help.

Eight in 10 caregivers say that the experience is rewarding, but it is also extremely difficult.

"Your relationship changes. Life as you know it becomes different," said Raymond Collins, 62, who retired early to spend time with his wife, Karen who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 15 years ago.

Collins, though he deeply loves his wife, has admitted to feeling stressed, frustrated and even angry at times.

According to Science World Report, taking care of a spouse can be much more difficult. Sixty percent of those who took care of a spouse noted added stress compared to 55 percent of those who cared for other relatives.

Though Collins has definitely noticed a personal strain he said that the experience of caring for his wife has strengthened their commitment for one another.



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