Catholic school students expelled for taking pictures up teachers’ skirts

By Michelle Kapusta,

Half a dozen students at an all-boys Catholic high school in San Mateo, California have been expelled and several more were suspended for photos they took up their female teachers’ skirts.

According to NBC Bay Area, Kimberly Bohnert filed a lawsuit Thursday against Serra High School and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The suit alleges that the biology teacher worked in a hostile environment, which led to emotional distress and that the school failed to prevent the sexual harassment.

The 38-year-old said she was harassed for more than two years. She claims that the students took cell phone photos and videos up her skirt as other students distracted her. She alleges that after they got the upskirt images, they shared them with other students around school and online.

School administrators learned of the alleged behavior by the students a year ago from someone who had seen the images. The school ultimately expelled six students and suspended another six after it conducted an investigation.

At least three teachers were allegedly targeted by the boys.

Contra Costa Times noted that the prestigious school is best known as the famous alma mater of many sports stars including Barry Bonds, Tom Brady and Lynn Swann.



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