Cheaper food may be the cause for obesity

By Amanda Stewart,

A new study has found that the obesity rate in the United States is due to the abundance of cheap food.

This study was published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

Researchers reviewed factors like vending machines, fast food, TV, cars, gadgets and food serving size.

According to Tech Times, the problem with obesity in the United States does not lie in the lifestyle someone follows, but the availability of food.

After analyzing all of the factors that contribute to obesity, researchers found the ultimate culprit for obesity. That is the availability of cheap food, according to Headlines and Global News.

"Americans are spending a smaller share of their income (or corresponding amount of effort) on food than any other society in history or anywhere else in the world, yet get more for it," researchers wrote in the study.

The report also says that there are evident differences in weight among different education levels and races. Americans, as a whole, have been gaining weight at a similar rate for the past 25 years.

This study, says authors, should reinforce the need for further study to find effective long term strategy to help all Americans live healthier lives.



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