Chinese viewers upset over 'Game of Thrones' edited 'mess' of a premiere

By Kyle Johnson,

Chinese viewers who sat down to watch the CCTV's premiere of Game of Thrones were upset to discover that the episode had been turned into an edited "mess."

The fantasy drama got a Putonghua dub for its airing on the national broadcaster's premium channel along with some liberal editing, reports South China Morning Post. Fans were quick to realize that a lot of violence and nudity had been removed from the episode.

Game of Thrones has been widely pirated in China, so fans had little trouble noticing there were some huge gaps in the episode, with a commenter on Weibo saying it felt like 20 minutes was removed. "The story feels discontinuous ... [When they began re-airing it], my first reaction was 'This can't be!' Then my second reaction was, 'My God, what a mess.'"

Another online commenter joked that really all that was left "a medieval European castle documentary."

The dub has also drawn the ire of viewers due to the "Taiwanese-sounding" Chinese used. The fourth season will air with subtitles until a dub is completed.

Though the re-aired premiere drew 6.9 million viewers, many with access to the Internet in China will likely continue to be drawn towards pirated and unedited copies of the show.

The "mess" of an edit comes shortly after the Chinese government pulled several popular American shows from the air, including The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory.

China Morning Post notes that the People's Daily said the government believed that the shows exposed viewers to "negative effects and hidden security dangers." CCTV picked up the rights for TBBT and will eventually air a "healthy" version.



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