Chris Brown to remain locked up at least another week

By Kyle Johnson,

A judge ruled on Thursday that Chris Brown will need to remain in Los Angeles County jail for another week or more.

His lawyer, Mark Geragos, continues to try and work out a deal with the prosecutor regarding Brown's probation, reports CNN. Shortly after returning from his long journey back from Washington, D.C. Brown returned to court.

Geragos noted he hopes the situation gets sorted out quick enough as he is due to talk with the Assistant District Attorney Mary Murray. It is likely prosecutors would want Brown to admit to violating his probation and, provided he does, another hearing would then be scheduled for further steps.

He ended up violating his probation, which stems from beating up Rihanna, over the charges he's facing in Washington, which is why he had to travel. He and his bodyguard are accused of assaulting 20-year-old Parker Adams when the man tried to take photographs of Brown.

The bodyguard was convicted of his assault charge in the case on Monday.

According to TMZ, the nearly 25-year-old looked quite worn out while sitting in court on Thursday. Brown faces four years in prison if the judge rules the singer did indeed violate his probation.



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