‘Club kid’ killer Michael Alig freed from prison after 17 years

By Erica Albanese,

Michael Alig, dubbed the “club kid” killer, has been released from prison after serving 17 years for murdering drug dealer and roommate, Andre “Angel” Melendez, in 1996.

Alig was well-known throughout the New York party scene in the 1990s, for his crazy costumes and drug use, according to The Associated Press.

In 1997, he and his friend, Robert Riggs, pleaded guilty to the murder of Andre Melendez, over a drug debt. Alig received a sentence of 10-20 years in prison.

Riggs confessed to beating Melendez to death with a hammer in March 1996. He and Alig put his body in a bathtub, poured Drano down his mouth and duct-taped it shut. Alig then chopped up his body and disposed of it in the Hudson River, in exchange for ten bags of heroin, reports Page Six.

Approximately a month later, Melendez’s remains washed ashore in Long Island.

The murder has gained Alig notoriety and he has maintained a presence on Twitter, through the help of Esther Haynes, editor of Alig’s book Aligula.

Alig took to Twitter to share the news of his release on Monday, writing, “Just narrowly escaped being re arrested for having my release filmed but we’re ok and in (sic) our way to nyc! #narrowescape.”



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