'Community's' Gillian Jacobs to join HBO's 'Girls'

By Kevin Kryah,

Community alum Gillian Jacobs has landed in a recurring role on the fourth season of Girls.

As Variety noted, Jacobs is the first cast member from Community to find a significant project since the show’s cancellation. NBC officially canned the show earlier in the month after the conclusion of the cult comedy’s fifth season.

Jacobs will play a character named Mimi-Rose Howard, according to Entertainment weekly. Her role in the show is unknown, but Jacobs will make her debut in the season’s fifth episode. Lena Dunham announced Jacobs’ casting via Twitter.

This upcoming Girls role isn’t Jacobs’ first connection with Dunham. Vulture reported that Jacobs appeared in a short film for Jack Antonoff, Dunham’s boyfriend.

Jacobs also isn’t the first Greendale student to appear in Girls. Donald Glover, who played Troy on Community, made an appearance in the second season of Girls.

Season three of Girls ended with Hannah supposedly joining the Iowa Writers’ workshop. The fourth season will premiere on HBO in early 2015.



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